According to Article 3 of the Law of Ukraine On Legal Status of Foreigners and Persons without citizenship of 04.02.1994, № 3929-XII, foreigners and persons without citizenship who arrived for temporary employment, receive a temporary residence permit.

The only reason for obtaining a temporary residence permit is a work permit for foreigner. Temporary residence permit allows the foreign citizen to stay in Ukraine for the term of validity, to enter the territory of Ukraine without the need to obtain a visa (for citizens from countries for which visa is necessary to enter the territory of Ukraine).
In fact, the temporary residence permit in Ukraine is obligatory document for a foreign citizen who has received a work permit because the permit allows a foreign citizen the right to employment in the Ukrainian company on temporary basis, however, it itself does not resolve the issue of legal residence of such foreign citizen in Ukraine during the term of permit.

Obligatory condition for obtaining temporary residence permit in Ukraine is obtaining of immigrant visa D type for the foreigner on the basis of his current work permit.
Within 10 days after receiving temporary residency permit foreign national have to visit ZHEK once more to be formally registered at his or her address of residence (to get registration stamp). This registration is called a “propiska” and is a big reason why landlords don’t want to register foreigners. Certain operations – such as selling the property – cannot be performed without the consent of all those registered at a given address (which typically includes only close kin).