If you the company which plans to employ the foreign citizen, registration of permission to employment of specific future employee has to become the first step in this direction. Permission to employment of the foreigner – a document giving the employer the right to temporarily employ a foreigner on a particular workplace or a certain position.

Permission to employment of the foreigner stands out the State center of employment, in case of absence in the country (region) of the workers, capable to perform the corresponding works, or existence of the sufficient bases for expediency of use of work of the foreigner.

Permission to employment stands out within one year. This term can be prolonged, for what the employer addresses in the relevant center of employment no later than a month before the termination of period of validity of the given-out permission. After the termination of validity period permission to employment comes back the employer to the relevant center of employment.

For consideration of the statement for granting permission to employment of the foreigner and extension of term of its action the payment is collected from the employer at a rate of four minimum wages.